Our skilled and caring staff combine modern technology with age old techniques to provide a complete and unparalleled memorial service, throughout the Wairarapa and Tararua districts. Our services include; the design and supply of new headstones, plaques, statues and other memorial accoutrement’s. We also offer many other granite and stone products such as seats, planters and fountains.

We provide a complete restoration and maintenance service for existing memorial works. These services include; locating existing works, resetting, repair and cleaning of headstones, re-lettering and additions to memorial text and reappointing of concrete and stone slabs.

As part of our service, we can arrange for work to be carried out throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, through partnerships within the NZ Master Monumental Masons Association.

The Memorial Plan

Have you ever thought about?

1. Designing and prepaying your own headstone

2. Ensuring the family memorials are cleaned & upgraded into the future

Roger Hoar & his experienced staff can help you with both options.

As members of the NZMMM Assn, the family firm of Headstones Wairarapa can offer you The Memorial Plan.

*Pre-purchase of a headstone memorial plaque
*Pre-purchase of a regular term memorial clean and inscription upgrade


This customised headstone was designed by us for two separate families who had searched websites all over the world for something that would resemble a wheelchair. The first one we designed had the inscription on a desk under the seat and faced the front of base and this one has the inscribed desk at the base of the wheel with added vase holders.